To WISP or Not To WISP

This is an on-going WISP. It's ongoing because I am still collecting bits and pieces. SharonB recently posted about collecting all her scrap bits of linen fabric, etc., dying the scraps, and putting them together for another sampler. I collect bits of everything, down to scraps 1/2" in size (amazing what you can do with that size!), bits of lace (bottom left corner in the plastic baggie), efforts at new techniques (that embroidered flower there in the upper middle on the blue fabric), etc.

And NOW for the ALL-TIME, ULTIMATE reason for packratting...(*HUGE GRIN*) For a backing, I'm using an old dust ruffle. I loved the quilt set with which it goes, but I've always hated that darn ruffle so one day as I yanked it off the mattress in disgust, I thought "hmmmm" Lots of perfectly good backing fabric here...so I ripped off the ruffle part and cut it up into manageable sections for something some time and cut the white part that goes on the mattress into a few rectangles/squares. VOILA!!

Be collected (*grin*) Be ruffled (*VBG*)! And I'll be back!!


coral-seas said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting my blog and the kind words you wrote. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do with your gold work supplies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Good to see you back on line! I put another squishy in the mail for you a few weeks back, hope it arrives safely and you can find a use for all the bits :) Christine