Catching Up with the Next Steps

OK, well, the first rose petal I tried tore. So I've smathered the ones I've chosen (above) with, yes, yet more hand lotion. BTW, the lotion I'm using, the first one I grabbed (with an 18yo daughter around, there is NO END to little sample bottles of hand lotion!) is, NAYY, coconut/lime verbena body lotion by Bath and Body Works...ANYWAY, I've laid them out with another leaf (upper left corner) that I'm going to attach to the front with the petals. There are two colors of petals, cuz Katie gave me a double rose bouquet for Mother's Day. Such a good child (*GRIN*)!! Here's the original bouquet (below), including baby's breath, which I also may use in this project.

I also took a picture of the next step of my actual piece (below). I trimmed half off of the dryer sheet and basted in red thread. I think you can tell in the pic, I tried to get a good view -- the whole lotion concept worked so well that I was able to actually baste through the leaf with no problem! Never having done this before, I am, of course, suitably impressed!

As you may notice the length of time between today's first and second posts, it takes about an hour for the lotion to be absorbed. I dont' know if it's because of the technique or the fact that I slathered it on just in case. But in the meantime, here's an image I'll leave with you -- Katie's boyfriend practicing spinning fire (below). He uses glowsticks for practice, but he actually has two chains with stuff and he lights it on fire and spins it in all kinds of intricate ways and it's a ton of fun to watch!

Be exploring! Be sharing! And I'll be back!

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