Catching Up...

Welcome to my new home! This is a collage that my friend and downstairs neighbor, Angela, made. She is an awesome artist with pen-and-ink and collage. I was admiring her work one evening and she just gave it to me! It's mounted on the wall in my hallway, and I'm honored that it hangs in my new home.
This is a two-bedroom apartment -- the spare room is a WIP for my workroom. For some reason, I just don't like the word "studio" in connection with my work. Yet. Perhaps I'm a WIP, too??!!
The other reason, besides needing a workspace, that I chose a 2-bedroom is, naturally, my Sanity (*grin*), aka The Piano, needed space. A 1-bedroom would have had me sleeping UNDER the piano, with my workspace in the bedroom. That scenario had no appeal for me (duh!!). Of course, I sort of neglected to tell the piano movers that I was on the second floor, and my Sanity weighs rather a lot (over a ton). I do believe I actually learned new words, as well as new and inventiveways to string said words together!!
Be brave! Be optimistic! And I'll be back!

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