Word of the Year!

My word of the year is "Persevere". That also includes "Motivation". As in when I'm lacking motivation, PERSEVERE. Or when I'm not lacking motivation but having problems with inspiration or technique or material or time, PERSEVERE.


So to that end, I've joined the gals at Three Creative Studios in their 2010 Creative Cue clues. These are great motivators, and I'm having fun as well as learning. And persevering!!

So stay tuned! Be motivated! Be persevering!! And I'll be back!!


Tilleke said...

Hi, apreciate your blog.
Thanks for linking to my work,. However the url. is not correct anymore. please change it into www.tillekschwarz.com
have fun,


Terri Stegmiller said...

Woo hooo, happy to have you participate in Creative Cue. Looking forward to your interpretations.