Subtraction, Not Addition!

Embellishment can be making something look better by taking away rather than adding...
The pic of me holding camera in mirror is from last September, 60 pounds ago. Combined with almost 20 pounds gone prior to that equals almost 80 pounds lost in about eleven months.
How's that for embellishment?? (*grin*) Oh yeah, the hair's real -- as it's grown out, it's gone berserk.
Watch out, I'm BBAAAACCKKKK!!!
Be tranquil! Be observing! And I'll be back...!


Kirsten said...

You're looking fabulous. Nice to see you back.

smarcoux said...

Well done you Sarah on the weight loss... its always so hard to drop any weight being on that same mission all my life ..
Also thanks for following my blog .. will keep up with what your up to as well.

Dangling by a Thread

smarcoux said...

oh ya by the way .. I love the hair longer then shorter ..
you will need to redo your pic

Sarah E. said...

Thank you both for the compliments! And, I redid my pic...I want Ricky to take some more so I can play with the choices. So nice not to have to use the mirror!! (*grin*)