Like many of us, I subscribe to or follow many blogs to keep up with goings-on around the blogworld. Plus, reading about and viewing pix of so many imaginative projects stokes me up for the day better than a cup of coffee . . . speaking of which (*grin*), please note in my sidebar a new button for Get The Bean.

Thanks to Maggie of Magpies Collectibles, I popped over to that blog, and WOW! Get The Bean has a goal of fundraising for fighting cancer, ALWAYS a worthy cause. Right now to celebrate the new opening, they are having a give-away on Fridays of a pound of coffee. Of COURSE I entered! It would be nice to win, but I've signed up as a follower of the blog, plus I imported their button (available on the sidebar near the bottom of the page).

Do take some time and go visit Get The Bean -- I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

Be sociable! Be energized! And I'll be back!!


Maggie R said...

Thought I better get over here and see what you are up to.......your work is inspiring.... I must come back and spend more time...
I see you are in Texas.. Lucky you.... I am in Southern Ontario, Canada where we are seeing our first snowfall!!!! Darn anyway... It is a 4 letter word as far as I am concerned.... Oh well more time in the studio.. woo hoo....
That Get The Bean sure has lots of goodies eh.... Glad you got there....
Well it's late and I better go get my beauty rest.... as if it helps!! hee hee

Meaghan said...

Thanks so much for such a wonderful post!! I truly appreciate it and gave you a bunch of xtra entries :)

We also have a blog called GTB Fights Cancer: www.gtbfightscancer.blogspot.com and it has a button too if you are interested.

We picked our first Charity/Coffee combo this week, Mexico Coetepec. My friend and professor lost her battle to Melanoma last week (she was only 36!!) in her memory GTB is donating a portion of the proceeds from EVERY sale of Mexico Coetepec to The Melanoma Research Foundation!!

We plan on picking different stories and charities every month and will donate to each for an entire year. I just put up a new tab on our coffee site called charity coffees so its easy for people to see what coffees donate to charity :0)

Thanks so much and I hope you keep in touch. We decided to do a giveaway every Friday so check back often. And...we have a big surprise giveaway in November so get in on that one :)


Tricks said...

Hi Sarah,
after hearing from you the other day I thought I would pop over to see what you were up to.

I did hope that you might be showing off your felted piece.

Do let me know how it went, I am really curious to know.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Bw Triciax