And So 2008 Begins...

Hey! Slowly but surely, things are getting into shape. Not BACK into shape, but INTO shape. A dear friend sent me a wonderful gift, and in it also was enclosed a piece of blank paper. She had written on it: Your new life is a blank page, and only you can write on it. I have taken her statement to heart!

I have a new Haiku for 2008, one with a definite positive outlook! Entering it at the beginning of the year as a forecast, rather than at the end of the year as an observation, seems to change my perspective towards a more enlightened attitude!

And, poking around again, I have come up a couple mention-worthy spaces. A friend of a friend has a blog and a new website -- Judy Whitehead is an art quilter and also a fiber-dyer extraordinaire! Do go visit her new space -- and her blog, Sodypop's Creative Journey. Judy features some wonderful colors in her work, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some!

From Judy's blog, I followed along to The Illustrated Garden. I will be visiting this blog frequently, and Val's website. Val Webb is a highly accomplished botanical illustrator, and you will spend a lot of time drooling at her inspirational work. I strongly recommend that you visit her!

Because I have no computer at the moment, I am still at the library and thus unable to post pix at this time. That should change shortly, I hope, and there will be several entries with all pix and no (or very little!) text!

I want to thank all my readers at this time for y'all's undying patience and fortitude during this period of readjustment. I have found my strength, however, and am forging ahead full speed.

Be attentive! Be a listener! And I'll be back!!


freebird said...

Sounds like you are doing better. Damn husbands are real pains but losing your computer really hits you where it hurts!! Hope you get a new computer soon. And hope your life takes off like a sunflower, fast with a big flower on top full of wonderful seeds for the journey.

Jackie said...

Now that I have entered the world of blog I wish you were around to link to. I hope you get back online soon, Sarah. I wonder whats happening to you right now.