Yes, that's right -- FREE bracelets, not even shipping to pay. For each order, which consists of TWO (2) bracelet kits, Merck Pharmaceutical Co. will donate $1 towards research for a cure for cervical cancer and testing for medically underserved women. I'm excited -- I placed my order already! Let's get together and Make the Connection, doing our part to bring a stop to this truly horrible, killer cancer! Click here and start today. Gosh, I sound like a commercial -- NAYY, you know that -- but as women we already go through SO damn much, who needs something like this around, too??!

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Beate said...

Hi Sarah,
I would like to thank you for your comment in my Blog and say you are so kind, and you allso inspriering me and I'm so glad I meed you on the web :-), And I love what you written in "about me" This is great